Flash Fiction

Here’s my long-listed flash piece for the 2019 National Flash Fiction Day:


My boyfriend asks for a selfie of my private parts. I say, but then they won’t be my private parts?He messages back with pleading words, lotusand velvetand I’ll send you a photo of mine. I text, I don’t want a photo of your not-so-private parts. Why don’t you send me a photo of your abs instead? Boyfriend replies with words like objectify and body image and expectations, along with a photo of his penis. The image flashes up when I’m in a meeting with a client, talking about the best way to advertise their new cream, which is meant to take ten years off your face. After telling my client I need a drink, I duck out of the office to send angry words back, like out of controland harassment. Boyfriend says, how is it harassment when you’ve seen it so many times before?I send him a photo of my middle finger, and get the wrinkled underside of his scrotum in return. My boss, wandering past, asks, what’s that, some kind of sea creature?

I escape into the loo and fire back mortified, OMGand a photo from the Internet of a jellyfish.  Boyfriend texts: WTF? Jellyfish isn’t a lotus or a vagina. Jesus. My client texts, are you OK? I reply,getting coffee, do you want one?Then I take a selfie of my bare buttocks and send it to perverted boyfriend.

When I walk back into my office, holding the coffees, my client is squinting at her phone. Somewhat unconventional, she says, but why not?Smooth as a twenty-something-year-old’s bottom.My phone dings, with what turns out to be the last text ever from disgruntled boyfriend: trust you to talk about coffee during phone sex. Send your jellyfish to someone who cares.




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