Pieces of You

Publication Date: May 2017


Wise, tough, heart-breaking, funny, this compulsive love story is about facing your demons. Fifteen-year-old Rebecca McQuilten moves with her parents to a new city. Lonely but trying to fit in, she goes to a party, but that’s when things really fall apart. I couldn’t tell anyone what had happened. Especially since I was the new girl in town. Who would want to believe me? Things look up when she meets gregarious sixteen-year-old Cory Marshall. ‘You’re funny, Becs,’ Cory said. ‘You have no idea,’ I said, and clearly he didn’t, but I was smiling anyway. And after that, he was all I could think about. Cory helps Rebecca believe in herself and piece her life together; but that’s before he shatters it all over again …

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Catch Me When You Fall


Publication Date: 2 January 2018

A moving novel about learning to find happiness in the face of uncertainty, a love that transcends the fragile boundary between life and death, and the power of Schrödinger’s cat.

Seventeen-year-old Christchurch teenager Alex Byrd is a survivor, but is about to face what is to become the worst day of her life and the best. On the same day that she has a routine blood test that reveals her deadly leukaemia has returned, she also meets Jamie Orange.

Some people believe in love at first sight, and some don’t.

I believe in love in four days.

I believe in falling.

Both have big dreams but both have huge obstacles in the way: Alex’s only hope for a cure is to have a risky bone marrow transplant; Jamie meanwhile has bipolar disorder.

Promise me you won’t try to die,’ I said. ‘Ever.’

‘Promise me you won’t either,’ he countered.

‘It’s not really something I can control.’

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Invisibly Breathing

To be released: March 5, 2019.

A moving story about unconventional love, bullying and being true to yourself.

‘I wish I wasn’t the weirdest sixteen-year-old guy in the universe.’

Felix would love to have been a number. Numbers have superpowers and they’re safe – any problem they might throw up can be solved.

‘If I were a five, I’d be shaped like a pentagon … there’d be magic in my walls, safety in my angles.’

People are so much harder to cope with. At least that’s how it seems until Bailey Hunter arrives at school. Bailey has a stutter, but he can make friends and he’s good at judo. And Bailey seems to have noticed Felix:

‘Felix keeps to himself mostly, but there’s something about him that keeps drawing me in.’

Both boys find they’re living in a world where they can’t trust anyone, but might they be able to trust each other, with their secrets, their differences, themselves?


  • Paperback


    March 5, 2019



    RRP $19.99
  • EBook


    March 5, 2019

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